Titan Books was kind enough to provide us with a copy ofYippie Ki-Yay Moviegoer!: Writings on Bruce Willis, Badass Cinema And Other Important Topicsby one of the Internet's most prolific writers, Vern. Those who hang around Ain't It Cool News undoubtedly know and love Outlaw Vern, who Guillermo Del Toro once called a national treasure, and who wrote long and funny musings on many a badass film. He once spoofed us. He wrote a book all about Steven Seagal that I thought was a joke until I actually held a copy in my hand. It's real. It's critically acclaimed. And now he's done it again with Yippee Ki-Yay Moviegoer.

Don't go into this book expecting new material from Vern. This book collects his reviews and essays from AICN and his personal site, so there are no fresh musings on badass cinema. That's a bit disappointing, and daunting for anyone who is unfamiliar with Vern, his style, and his outlet. Even the typos (deliberate and accidental) are left in. The only changes are footnotes where Vern updates the information. Nor does this book limit itself to badass musings, as there are reviews for Enchanted, The Polar Express, Finding Neverland, and Mary Poppins. Those fall under "Other Important Topics," apparently, though they feel out of place here. Still, there's some joy to be had in a book that devotes equal time to Julie Andrews and Charles Bronson.
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