This week's re-release of Oliver Stone's Wall Street on DVD (a precurser to the upcoming sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, slated for September) serves to remind of us of one of cinema's great businessmen: Gordon Gekko, played with smarmy avarice by Michael Douglas.

There have been a lot of great businessman characters throughout the history of film. Some sneaky, some sincere, some completely off their rocker. Here are a few favorites.

C.C. Baxter and Jeff Sheldrake, The Apartment
Jack Lemmon's struggling, miserable clerk Baxter will do anything to get ahead -- including loaning his apartment to his married bosses for afternoon trysts. What seems like merely a bad idea becomes a nightmare when he finds out that his married boss Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray) is making time with the elevator girl (Shirley MacLaine) that Baxter secretly adores. Billy Wilder's comedy has a weird, dark undercurrent of pain, and Lemmon's at his best here.
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