There are a lot of roles in the studio system. There's the Bean Counters and the Suits, the two groups whose decisions most often find them stuck footing the "It stinks!" bill. Then there's the Talent and the Creatives. The Talent, more often than not, just shows up and does whatever the Creatives tell them to do; so when it comes time to footing the "It's awesome!" bill, the latter are the ones whom most often enjoy taking the credit. And that's fine because more often than not they deserve that credit.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that both Clash of the Titans and Journey to the Center of the Earth are two films that were crippled by all involved, including the Creatives. Sure, the Bean Counter/Suit decision to rush post-production 3D conversion on Clash was a dreadful one, but even in 2D the movie still has a weak script and an uncharismatic lead actor. And Center of the Earth is just bad, even as a kids film, no matter what dimension it's presented in. So really, the news that their respective studios want sequels to both films made without the involvement of all of the original's Creatives isn't inherently a bad thing.

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