Warner Bros. and IMAX Corp. have just issued a joint press release announcing a partnership through 2013 that will include placing upwards of 20 Warner Bros. films into IMAX theaters, as well as conventional theaters. The biggest news to come out of this whole thing is a tentative release date for The Hobbitof December 2013, two years after its initial date of December 2011. We assume part one will debut in 2013 and part 2 in 2014, but the press release doesn't mention the two-parter and only lists it as simply The Hobbit.

While that's certainly a bummer for you Tolkien freaks, the good news is that both Batman 3 and Superman are part of this 20-picture deal, which means both of those films will hit theaters at some point between now and 2013. If I were a guessing man, I'd say we'll probably get Batman 3 during the summer of 2012 and Superman during the summer of 2013. Other films listed include Gravity, Dark Shadows and Fury Road (aka Mad Max 4), though none of them were given release dates.

Check out the full press release over at Cinematical.
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