Now that Bella and Edward's engagement ring has been spotted in the recent The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer, the big news has been released: You can buy it yourself! As Yahoo reports, Stephenie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Company teamed up to let marriage run wild through the young adult fandom. Okay, not quite. They've replicated the ring described in the books that will find its way onto Kristen Stewart's finger in the upcoming film. It's not quite the same as the many-diamond behemoth seen in the trailer, mind you, this piece of bling features 13 diamonds -- the lucky number to give every teen and her Edward wedded bliss for many years to come. (Did that never occur to them?!)

Of course, not everyone can afford a whole slew of diamonds, so there are three options. There's "Fashion" for $59.00, which has 14k gold or rhodium plating with Russian cubic zirconia, the "Fine" version for $499.00 that allows you to have a real gold band with the little zirconia gems, or the "Genuine" ring for $1,979.00, which is the ring for the Twi-hardests who want real gold with real diamonds.

To be fair to the Twi-hards, when Angel gave Buffy that claddagh ring, they showed up on fingers everywhere, not from Irish ring stores, but a number of Buffy merchandise shops. And that leads me to my amusement: As someone who had a claddagh long before Buffy, but was teased over and over for following a fad anyway, I wonder how many poor saps have a similar diamond-studded ring on their fingers, soon to be the butt of many a-joke?
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