Could the future-divining Magic 8-Ball of our childhood be heading to the big screen? According to one movie oracle (better known as Deadline New York), all signs point to yes.

While the Ouija Board has been a popular cinematic device for years -- and has its own movie in development -- Mattel's toy is set to make its feature film debut in a new live-action project set up at Paramount. No details on what the story might be about, but Jon Gunn and John Mann have been retained to write the screenplay. They were tied to Dreamworks' Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians project.

If you're unfamiliar with the Magic 8-Ball, it's basically a plastic orb designed to look like the 8-Ball in a billiards set. It's filled with liquid and a die with various answers on it. You ask a question, shake it up, then read what the die inside says through a clear window in the bottom of the ball. Our own Erik Davis uses it to make most of the decisions around here, which is clearly a ringing endorsement.

Toys being spun into film properties are all the rage these days. Transformers opened the floodgates, but some of the stuff in development currently is as mind-boggling as the Magic 8-Ball. Battleship (which has aliens in it apparently ... ), Monopoly, and everyone's third favorite elastic man (well behind Mr. Fantastic and Plastic Man...) Stretch Armstrong all have projects in the works. What's next?