- LettersOfNote.com dug up the above letter from Francis Ford Coppola asking Lee Marvin to take on the Apocalypse Now role that eventually went to Marlon Brando. Hollywood used to be a lot cooler.

- Harsh Times and Street Kings director David Ayer has been tapped by Fox to remake Commando. Apparently he'll be putting a "real-world spin" on it, which is a terrible idea. I want quad-barrel, shoulder missile launchers or bust. (PS, I blame Weinberg for this.)

- Tyler Perry's 34th Street Films is developing a new film based on Rear Window's source material, Cornell Woolrich's short story It Had to be Murder. No punchline needed.

- The latest 2D film to be converted to 3D in post-production? Fury Road, AKA the new Mad Max film. Sigh. (Note: the film was previously announced for 3D, but it was shot in 2D, so it's possible that George Miller was able to plan for the conversion all along.)
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