Tchaikovsky, WMDs, and 3-D highlight this week's choice selections of DVD announcements. Normally we proceed in order of release date, but we are going to jump ahead immediately to the unveiling of Disney's Fantasia on Blu-ray. Just a few days ago on their Movie Rewards Facebook page, a posting described a "Blu-ray combo pack" of the classic 1940 merging of animation and classical music as coming to the market on Dec. 7. That listing appears to have now been taken down. No specifics were listed but according to Disney's Movie Rewards Member Advocate, Penny Costley, "both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 will be released this fall/winter on DVD and Blu-ray Disc Combo Pack." Mark Pearl Harbor Day as a tentative date until a more official announcement but any time before Christmas is a true gift for us all...with Blu-ray players.

Coming back to June 22, Sony will be releasing Michael Hoffman's The Last Stationon DVD and Blu-ray, starring Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren as Mr. and Mrs. Tolstoy, both of whom were nominated for Oscars last year. On July 6 they will have Film Noir Classics II: The Collector's Choice featuring the films, Human Desire, Pushover, Nightfall, The Brothers Rico and 1958's City of Fear on DVD and adding to their Blu-ray plate on the same date will be Jason and the Argonauts.

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