Welcome to Rocky Springs, where the smallest of creatures have created extra-large problems. In the McMansion development at the center of 'Furry Vengeance,' Oregon suburbanites trying to tame the wild find that life's a living heck ('Vengeance,' ahem, is rated PG.)

Brendan Fraser stars as Dan Sanders, a successful builder who has been tasked to level a forest for Rocky Springs, a brand new upscale community. No one is angrier about these plans than the forest's current tenant, a crafty raccoon. Working with a posse of anamalia neighbors, the raccoon hounds Sanders with some bruising pranks, hoping the construction team will head for the hills -- or away from the hills. This slapstick ode to Mother Nature is brought to you by Roger Kumble, best known for much naughtier fare ('Cruel Intentions' and 'The Sweetest Thing.')

Comedy veteran Brooke Shields (who thought anyone would say that 30 years ago?) co-stars as Fraser's wife. Shields told Moviefone this week she hopes kids find 'Vengeance' so funny that "their bellies hurt" from laughing. It was quite clear Fraser was tickled just talking about the film on 'The View' in a loopy-but-charming appearance this week.

Pre-tween customers -- and Brendan Fraser himself -- might find that 'Vengeance' satisfies, but what about the critics?

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