If you loved seeing JFK, Cleopatra, Abe Lincoln, and Joan of Arc battle the high school grounds of love and adolescence, this should pique your interest. THR's Heat Vision reports that Juan Jose Campanella (The Secret in Their Eyes) is going to make his English-language directorial debut with a children's fantasy called Heck.

Instead of clones in a real-life high school, this is correctional teachings, hell-style, described as a kids' Dante's Inferno. The film will focus on Milton Fauster, a kid who dies in a freak accident with his shoplifting sister and gets thrown into hell. But hell has got an organizational system much like Earth. He's placed in "an unearthly reform school called Heck, where Lizzie Borden teaches home economics and Richard Nixon is the ethics teacher." One of his classmates is a boy named Virgil who has a map of the Nine Circles of Heck, and the two join forces to escape Heck and their teacher, Bea "Elsa" Bub.

The feature will only adapt the first book of Dale E. Basye's series, Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go, which follows with Rapacia: The Second Circle of Heck and Blimpo: The Third Circle of Heck. So, be ready for a potential blockbuster series should all go well. It sounds cool, but I best reign in my excitement before I go in expecting makeover, makeover, makeover!
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