The trailer for the paranormal Western 'Jonah Hex' has finally arrived, and yes, to answer your question, he does ride a horse equipped with double-barreled Gatling guns.

Based on the off-beat DC comic book, Josh Brolin stars as the title character, a disfigured gun-slinger on a path of revenge, against the man that destroyed his life (John Malkovich). The movie is filled with super-natural weirdness, plenty of shoot-outs and Megan Fox as a pistol-whipping bandit in a leather corset.

If the trailer is any indication, Brolin looks perfectly-grizzled as the weird Western hero, and Malkovich is sure to bring a lot of devilish charm to the role of Turnbull. But after "Megan Fox in a leather corset," you stopped paying attention to anything we said, so click on the video and enjoy the trailer.