In what surely is the most exciting piece of Star Trek merchandise to come down the Pike (if you just laughed you're a nerd) since Shirtless Kirk Cologne, I introduce the soon-to-be-released Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Communicator Role-Play Replica. This nifty bit of nerdery has three play modes: Voice Play (featuring sound clips from Kirk, Spock, Khan, and Uhura), Hail/Call-Back Function (Trek-y chirping noises, I assume), and - brace yourself... seriously, you're not going to believe this... ok, ready? - "Screaming Kirk Mode."

That's right, thanks to the glory of the communicator's Screaming Kirk Mode, you can relive this moment...

... over and over again. Oh first-world excess, how I adore thee.

Diamond Comic Distributors will be shipping the Wrath of Khan Communicator Role-Play Replica to comic book shops in July, and if you want information on how to make sure you end up with one, click here. It'll set you back $45, but really... can you live with yourself if you pass on something that has Screaming Kirk Mode? That's what I thought.

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