Do you know which Cinematical writer loves shiny, glowing things in the dark? Who lists Saturday Night Fever as one of their favorite movies? Who loves Lars von Trier and the dancing paperboys of Newsies? Can you guess how many of our bloggers list horror as their favorite genre?

You can now learn all that and more! After being woefully out of date for a number of months, our Meet the Team page has been updated and revamped. All of the newer writers have weighed in with their film geek answers, and we've added some quick links to help you keep track of your favorite scribes. We're talkin' links to their posts both here and at sister sites SciFi Squad and Horror Squad, links to their excellent columns, and as an added bonus: their Twitter feeds, so you can keep an eye on them day and night.

You can check out everyone's pretty faces right here, and can always jump over whenever curiosity strikes by hitting our maroon "Meet The Team" link at the top of the page. See it? It's the right-most link right under the search bar button. Head over now and learn everything you can about our great team.
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