is an interesting website wherein the artistic and crafty sell their hand-crafted wares, which range anywhere from homemade pillows to wreaths to thirty-foot tall dinosaurs made out of nothing but ear wax.

Okay, that last one was a lie, but it is representative of some of the crazy, whacky and insanely creative stuff you can find on the site. Case in point: the horrifically detailed and delightfully disturbing clay and plaster-covered shrunken heads of Etsy user Brittany Ruiz, who goes by the username playsinpaint. From the description:

Is there someone you despise? perhaps you need a good prop for a party? or maybe you're just plain morbid like me! in any case these "shruken heads" are just what you are looking for. Inspired by the mad queen of hearts each head is hand-sculpted and covered with plaster bandages, then painted the lovely color of blood and freshly dead flesh.

The best part? She'll custom make one for you modeled after any one you like. Have a former teacher you want to get back at with a well-placed zombified representation of her head placed on her front porch? You didn't hear it from me! Or what about a significant other who shares the same passion for zombies and...decapitated...heads? Whatever choice you go with, each custom-made decapitated head (or a random one, if you so desire) is made with the hands of someone for whom art is more than just a hobby, it's a passion.

Check out some larger versions of the sample head behind the cut, and head on over to playsinpaint's Etsy page to check out the rest of her original work.
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