fringe musical brown betty

Here's a look at tonight's sci-fi TV:

Fringe, 'Brown Betty' – Walter crafts a tall tale on tonight's much-anticipated (or dreaded, take your pick) musical episode of Fringe. The cast members dress up in 1940s garb to sing and dance their way through a peculiar noir-style story. Broadway performers Blair Brown and Michael Cerveris guest star. (9 p.m. ET on Fox)

FlashForward, 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' Battlestar Galactica's James Callis is featured front and center on tonight's ep that sees Gabriel delivering some strange news to Olivia. Elsewhere, Janis tries to muck up the FBI's investigation and Aaron continues his search for his daughter in Afghanistan. (8 p.m. ET on ABC)

The Vampire Diaries, 'Blood Brothers' – It's another flashback ep as Stefan and Damon tell Elena about how they became vampires. (8 p.m. ET on the CW)

Supernatural, 'The Devil You Know' – Sci-fi TV vet Mark Sheppard returns to cause trouble for the Winchester boys as demon man Crowley. (9 p.m. ET on The CW)

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