carriers dvdCarriers, directed by Àlex and David Pastor, 2009

There's a reason why most people have probably never heard of Carriers. As our own Scott Weinberg previously reported, the film was the victim of a botched theatrical release (less than 100 screens nationwide!). It's a shame, because Carriers is a very engaging dramatic thriller with good performances and an intriguing relationship between the two central characters.

Chris Pine is clearly having a blast playing the lead role of Brian, an immature bad boy struggling to keep his brother and friends alive following a viral pandemic. The supporting cast members – Lou Taylor Pucci, Piper Perabu, Emily VanCamp, and Chris Meloni – are all solid, especially for a small, almost straight-to-DVD genre flick. There aren't many scary scenes, and the gore content is pretty low here. Instead, Carriers focuses on the devastating compromises the characters are forced to make to stay alive. It's not the most original thing – certain scenes and lines recall Zombieland, 28 Days Later and a million other similar movies – but it's a lean and entertaining end-of-the-world tale worth checking out. I'm looking forward to more films from Spanish directors Àlex and David Pastor.
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