When The New York Post broke news today that the FBI had arrested movie memorabilia dealer Kerry Haggard for passing off fake versions of classic horror movie posters as the real deal, it got me thinking. Like sports cards and signed jerseys, movie collectibles have become big business. Everything from props to posters are available through the magical Internet, giving movie geeks access to items they could only dream about procuring in years past.

Generally speaking, until now, the movie collectible business has been pretty reputable. Sure, there have been autograph forgeries and the occasional fake item here and there, but Haggard sold over a million dollars worth of fake one-sheets and lobby cards -- items he'd scan and send off to a printing company in New York -- making it the largest swindle I can ever recall hearing about in the film collectible field.

My own personal collection consists mostly of classic soundtracks on vinyl (like my beloved Goblin/Suspiria records). The LPs can run a pretty penny, but some of the posters for classic films run into the thousands of dollars. Clearly, our love of cinema is big business. A quick perusal of a post on the Vintage Poster Search blog will make your jaw drop. A Metropolis poster went for almost $700,000. One-sheets forKing Kong, The Mummy, and The Black Cat will set you back a quarter million or more. Movie-used props and autographs can also get pricey.

So, what's the most valuable piece in your movie memorabilia collection? Is it your favorite piece or do you find that the worth doesn't matter so much as the inherent coolness of owning something tied to one of the films you love? Share your stories in the comment section below.
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