Usually when we talk about the written word and the big-screen around these parts, we are talking about adapting books into a movie. So even though there will probably never be a satisfactory answer to the age old question: "should I read the book first?," today I wanted to shine a little light on the slightly less contentious world of books that are about the movies. Besides, what better way to celebrate my favorite genre than to provide some suggested reading, especially now that 'beach book' season is almost upon us?

My obsession with reading about movies might have something to do with the fact that I majored in English lit and cinema studies, but I just can't stress how awesome it is to get to indulge two of your greatest passions for the price of one. So whenever I get the chance to pick up a new 'movie' book, I go for it, and I've got the sagging shelves to prove it.

But before we get to my reading list, keep in mind I'm not just talking about biographies, so when it comes to my suggestions for books about the big screen, I've got a little bit of everything: gossip, history, social studies, you name it -- think of it as a free education in the high and lows of the world of movies.

After the jump; five of my favorite books about the art of movie-making...
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