Robert Downey Jr. in 'Iron Man 2'Ah, summer. Traditionally, it's the time of big, rousing blockbusters ... and 2010 is no different, with some notable exceptions. In anticipation of the season, we've rounded up 25 films we -- and the moviegoing public in general -- are most looking forward to (in order of release date). As expected, it's a mixed bag, style-wise -- dramas, romances, straight-up action flicks, screwball comedies and, in many cases, hybrids of those genres. In other words, there's something for everyone.

And it looks like summer is already off to a good start: According to pre-sale figures, the highly anticipated 'Sex and the City 2' sequel recently outsold current releases like 'Kick-Ass.'

As for general themes, we have the expected 3-D productions, yet more adaptations of comic/graphic novel heroes (and anti-heroes), some hotly anticipated sequels/series, and several heaping servings of action. It's safe to say that budgets were not spared in the making of most of these movies, all the better to impress us. And we're ready to be impressed.

Here are 25 reasons we're psyched about summer 2010.