For those not familiar with it, D-BOX is a technology whereby the action on screen in a particular film has been translated to a series of motions that are sent to a specific seat. The seat moves and rumbles matching whatever happens to be going on in a particular scene. D-BOX started as a high-end home theater component, offering motion seating to those who could afford it. Fox jumped on pretty early, including D-BOX motion codes on their DVD's. A separate receiver would interpret the codes and send them to the receivers on the seating, telling the chair how and where to move. More recently, D-BOX has been rolling out special seating in select movie theaters here in the States and a few in Canada.

Austin's own Galaxy Highland was one of the first to dive in to D-BOX. Two full rows of seats were installed in one theater just in time for last summer's Terminator: Salvation. Since then, films like The Final Destination, Sherlock Holmes and Clash of the Titans have all enjoyed D-BOX runs. I'll be the first to admit that I was pretty skeptical going in. Would it make movies seem like a ride at Disneyland? It sounds like a cheap gimmick, and one that could easily be more distracting than enjoyable. While some people will still think that on the way out, I actually think it's pretty cool.
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