Congrats, you Bat nuts finally have an actual day to obsess over for months and months. Warner Bros. has officially announced the release date of Christopher Nolan's third Batman film: July 20th, 2012. All signs have been pointing toward the third Bat installment arriving in 2012, and you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to guess Warners would stick the flick on the same weekend as its closest sibling (especially since it shattered records), but it's still nice to know for sure that we'll be getting a new Batman movie from Nolan on a specific date in the future. It's all set in stone -- we can change the pencil to pen, make the invitations and start looking for a florist and photographer. This deal is done.

Now comes the fun part: 1. Who are the villains? 2. Which actors and actresses are playing those villains? Who else will Nolan add to his delightful, ever-growing ensemble cast? Which actress will replace Maggie Gyllenhaal as the girl Bruce Wayne wants to sleep with? Will Christian Bale lessen the growl a little bit so we don't immediately make fun of him after the credits roll? Can anyone top Ledger? Will this new film forever live in the shadow of its predecessor no matter what they do? How do you make a follow up to one of greatest superhero films of all time?

Those questions -- and many more, I imagine -- will be answered one by one over the next several months. What are you looking forward to most with the film?
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