I hope our enticing headline about the first pics from the set of the live-action/CGI Smurfs movie – courtesy of Vulture -- got you ready for lots of candid photos of Neil Patrick Harris standing around striking poses. No? Maybe photos of co-star Jayma Mays having her make-up applied and talking to her husband will do it? Still no? Then I've got bad news, because while these may be pics from the set of The Smurfs, there's nary a Smurf to be found in any of them. And we know that's all anyone cares about when it comes to a movie about tiny blue thingamabobbers.

What you get instead is everything I mentioned above. Apparently the new Smurfs film takes place in a magical land where Neil Patrick Harris dons jeans and a blazer and does amazing things like hail a cab. You wanted Smurfette? I bring you shots of Jayma Mays hanging out with her husband between scenes. I'm really smurfing unhappy about this.

Raja Gosnell is directing the project. His previous work includes Big Momma's House and Beverly Hills Chihuahua so I think we can all kinda guess what to expect from this film. Harris and Mays will be joined by Hank Azaria (playing the villainous Gargamel) and the voice talents of Katy Perry, George Lopez, and Anton Yelchin as various Smurfs. No word on whether Perry's Smurfette will sing a version of I Kissed a Girl, but it seems unlikely since she was the only girl Smurf on the original cartoon.

Head to the image gallery on Vulture's site for loads of photos with no Smurfs. The least they could have done was Photoshop one in by the flower pot ...