ATTENTION: Fright Rags has TWO special limited edition shirts to coincide with today's release of the Platinum Dunes remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. These are old school Robert Englund designs. The first is Freddy by himself and the second is a montage from Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors. At first glance they seem rather pricey, but it's a package that includes the shirt, a poster, a vintage sticker pack and a replica Hypnocil bottle all packed neatly in a collector's box. UPDATED: This offer is no longer available.

If you haven't heard of Fright Rags yet, I'm sure your bank account will thank you. Fright Rags is an online t-shirt company specializing in horror films. Now, when I say horror film t-shirts, I don't mean they have a few shirts with iron-on transfers made from bad JPEGs of Freddy and Jason. No, these are high quality, professionally made t-shirts featuring a good deal of 80s classics, films we love like Night of the Creeps, Fright Night and more.
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