Two or three films notwithstanding, I possess a fairly prominent and vocal disdain for the majority of the films released under the After Dark Horrorfest banner. While I haven't seen every film in each installment, the odds of a positive majority are stacked against them. It might seem hypocritical of me to include an After Dark release among my favorite films, but there are a few caveats that make its inclusion a little less so. The film in questions is of course the Xavier Gens-directedFrontière(s), and the caveats can be defined thusly:

First, it never aired alongside the other films in its year (2007), due to the dreaded MPAA giving it the taboo rating of NC-17 for what can only be considered extremely graphic violence and epic amounts of blood; second, it's French, and while some might be inclined to disagree with me, the French know their horror; and third, it just a damned good film.

Common complaints rest on its overtly graphic and torture porn-y nature, as well its blatant rip off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though I found it to be a respectful homage to the film all while subverting the common trope of a "group of kids come across house and get tortured." In the case of Frontière(s), it follows a group of thieves in the midst of political riots flee Paris, ultimately ending up at a country motel run by cannibalistic neo-Nazis intent of preserving the master race.

Head on over to Netflix to check the film out on Instant Watch and the trailer after the jump. As always, be sure to stop by Monday for a rousing discussion on this totally underrated French gem.
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