One of the games I'm looking forward to playing in the not too distant future is EA's Dead Space 2, the sequel to their wildly successful 2008 title, Dead Space. A survival horror game set on an abandoned deep space mining vessel, the first game evoked memories of films like Alienand Event Horizon -- which was more than enough to qualify it for a spot on my year's best list. Add in some phenomenally gruesome gameplay (that saw you killing alien creatures by dismembering them with a variety of improvised weapons concocted by main character/engineer Isaac Clarke) and it earned a spot as one of the most interesting new IPs to come along in years.

Developers Visceral Games teased us with some early footage last month, then added to the mystery by releasing a message coded in the alien Necromorph language a few days back. Yesterday, the first trailer for the game finally debuted and if you weren't excited before, this should get you psyched for Isaac's newest adventure.

I don't want to discuss the trailer in too much detail -- I'd rather you watch it for yourself -- but I will say that it's moody and dark and intense and promises more of what we loved about the original game. Visceral's already showed us some new gameplay enhancements in their earlier clip (two words: jet boots), so anyone worried the company was resting on their laurels should stop now.

My only complaint with the new clip? It doesn't have any music that compares to the freaky Twinkle Twinkle Little Star track of the first game. In the grand scheme of things, that's pretty minor.

Dead Space 2 hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 31st of next year. Check out the trailer beyond the jump.
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