Platinum Dunes' rebooting of A Nightmare on Elm Street hasn't even been out three days yet, but box office returns have been so impressive that executives at Warner Bros. are already planning a 3D sequel according to Deadline.

The film, which sees Jackie Earle Haley take over the iconic role of razor-fingered killer Freddy Krueger, set a horror film record with its Thursday midnight showings -- taking in 1.6 million on a thousand screens. This beat the previous mark of a million dollar opening night held by another Platinum Dunes remake, last year's Friday the 13th.

Friday saw the film rake in another 15.8 million (on 3332 screens), putting on pace for an opening weekend tally of 35 million dollars. That's an impressive haul for a film that critics are slaughtering (check out our own Brad McHargue's review) but still places it roughly 5 million below what F13 opened with in February 2009.

Given that Friday the 13th made more money and the sequel is currently "dead" according to Brad Fuller, talk of a sequel may be premature. What can't be disputed is that Freddy still has box office drawing power with the fans. The real question is how much of a drop-off will Elm Street have next weekend? Horror films tend to open well and die quickly -- only to rise again for another sequel.

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