Our brothers and sisters over at TV Squad have busted through the boob tube and brought with them the following juicy bits of must-see eye candy.
  • With only a few episodes of Lost left it might seem that they don't have time to wrap everything up. Well, apparently they don't plan to.
  • We've known for awhile that Rob Lowe and Adam Scott will be joining the cast of NBC's Parks and Recreations, but now we know what they'll be doing there.
  • Well, he must have done something right the last time because Ricky Gervais has been asked to host The Golden Globes again.
  • Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th and NBC already has a few promos which you can see here.
  • To commemorate Youtube's fifth birthday here's a piece on those who love and loathe the site.
  • ...and finally, Conan O'Brien will be giving his first post-Tonight Show interview this sunday on 60 Minutes. Check here for the details.
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