Back in January, Shout Factory! released news that got cult film geeks seriously excited. The company announced that they'd entered into a deal with New Horizons Picture Corporation to release classic and new films from legendary B movie director and producer Roger Corman.

Plans are to bring over 50 of Corman's greatest films back to audiences. Many of the director's titles have been out of print for years, so this is a chance for a new generation of cult movie lovers to watch some of Corman's greatest hits.

Check out this list of titles that are going to be included: Death Race 2000, Piranha, Rock N Roll High School, Humanoids from the Deep, Suburbia, and more. Even if you're not trying to get your Doctorate in B Movie Mayhem, watching Corman's work will give you an opportunity to see countless stars before they made it big -- guys like Stallone, James Cameron, Joe Dante, Robert Englund and too many others to list.

The first two titles in the new series will debut this May. Suburbia will be available in a new collector's edition on May 4th, while Rock N Roll High School hits Blu-ray a week later on the 11th. Both discs feature new transfers and an exciting list of extras.

Enough about that, though. Watch the trailer Shout Factory put together for the collection. It'll give you a taste of what they have in store for us and you can check it out after the jump.
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