Great news! One of my favorite films from last year's Fantastic Fest is going to be making its way across the country this June. No, I'm not talking about a highly buzzed foreign film like [REC] 2 or a controversial film like Uwe Boll's Rampage. I'm talking about a little documentary gem most people probably haven't heard of called Cropsey.

Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio's film is an investigation into the real-life counterpart of an urban legend they grew up with on Staten Island about a figure, Cropsey, who would kidnap and kill any kids who wandered into the dilapidated grounds of Willowbrook Mental Institution. It's a fascinating story that sounds like it's straight from a Hollywood script, but it's not. It's all real and their examination of the truth behind the legend is utterly engrossing.

As Luke pointed out in his excellent Fantastic Fest 2009: Where are they Now? guide, Cropsey was available for purchase directly from the filmmakers' site, but it looks like they've since taken down that purchase option in advance of their theatrical run this summer. Right now there are a little over a dozen cities across the country they'll be taking the film to, though a few are currently without exact dates. For the full list of theaters, hop over to Fangoria, but if you're still not sold, check out the trailer below. Oh, and though I'd highly recommend seeing Cropsey if it comes anywhere even close to where you live, the one screening that may be worth a cross country trek is a projection of the film on the actual grounds of the abandoned Willowbrook Mental Institution itself!
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