What Disney movie do you wish to be adapted into a Broadway musical? I'd like to see The Cat From Outer Spaceinterpreted by Andrew Lloyd Webber. And Con Air: The Musical should really be more than just a gag on 30 Rock. Both ideas may very well happen someday given the Walt Disney Company's interest in turning anything and everything from its back catalog into a stage production. There's a reason people say Times Square has been Disneyfied. Current Walt Disney Theatrical titles include Mary Poppins and the long-running The Lion King, while past screen-to-stage translations have included Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, High School Musical, Tarzan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now, in addition to the announced plans for a Dumbo musical, Stitch Kingdom reports Disney's interest -- via purchase of web domain names -- in adaptations of tons more titles, including Toy Story (which has already been made into a stage show for Disney cruises) and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Do we really need another pirate musical? Is the Gilbert and Sullivan classic not enough? Okay, give us songs penned by Keith Richards (and Mick Jagger) and maybe Disney has something there. Other musicals I'm looking forward to among the bunch: Freaky Friday, which should bring back Lindsay Lohan solely because tourists will scramble for tickets with hopes of seeing a live train wreck; Shakespeare in Love, which needs to pay tribute to all the musicals based on the Bard, such as West Side Story and The Boys from Syracuse; and Step Up, which seems the most obvious and which brings us one step closer to getting a version of Dance Flick for the stage (if even just an Off Broadway production). Seriously, though, I might be interested in seeing The Jungle Bookon Broadway. What about you?

[via Slashfilm]
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