Back in the '80s, it seems like every movie that wasn't a period costume drama featured a power ballad -- you know, the cheesy/sappy wannabe rock anthem that merged wailing guitars with corny inspirational lyrics, usually over a montage of some sort. The Rocky sequels were always good for a montage power ballad, and The Karate Kid'sJoe Esposito track, You're the Best, is maybe the greatest example of the concept. If musician Gary Mitchell gets his way, power ballads will be making a huge comeback very soon.

Mitchell has recorded his very own rock ballad for the upcoming Green Lantern movie. The song, entitled In Brightest Day, sounds exactly like the butt-rock some of you may remember from your childhood. The track is hilarious, featuring loads of guitars and meaningful lyrics like "There's no room for cowards when your uniform is green ... " and "Push past it, get over it, and find your shade of green ... ".

The artist has cut a video for the lighter-waving anthem (complete with Green Lantern photos intercut with unrelated photos of people doing push-ups and other stuff) and has started a grassroots Internet campaign to get it into the film. Website Topless Robot points out that the song has a very "Nickelback-esque" quality to it and I'm inclined to agree. This may not work in Mitchell's favor since a recent Facebook survey proved that a pickle is more popular than the Canadian band. Dig out your Members Only jacket and hit the jump to experience In Brightest Day in all its power ballad glory.