OK, I'm not going to lie to you: today's recommendation for Free Flick of the Day, Cherry 2000, isn't exactly what you would call a good movie. But before you scroll away, keep in mind, sometimes a bad movie can be as much fun as a good one -- and as bad movies go, Cherry 2000 is one of the best. The 1987 sci-fi action flick was directed by Steve De Jarnatt (director of the Canadian classic Strange Brew) and centers on a pampered businessman living in the distant future of (gasp!) 2017 who hires a sexy bad-ass tracker (played for some reason by Melanie Griffith) to help him find a replacement sex doll (sorry...sex robot, much better) after his top of the line 'Cherry 2000' shorts out in the laundry room. And yes, you read that entire plot right.

By 1987, Ms. Griffith had already landed some pretty respectable roles in Brian De Palma's Body Double and as the wacky Audrey Hankel in Something Wild. But I guess Cherry 2000 was going to be her calling card into the world of action movies and tough-girl roles, although this was the last time anyone put the baby-voiced actress together with the role of a gun slinging sex pot (and if I squint, I do notice a strange resemblance to another futuristic hottie.

If you're a fan of 80's cheese, this flick is definitely for you. There are simply too many fantastically terrible moments that must be seen to be believed (including a surprising appearance from Laurence Fishburne). Not to mention the movie supports my pet theory that maybe our greatest actors are the ones who end up in films like Cherry 2000 and manage to keep a straight face during dialog like: "I can distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous reptiles and I know the roads."

Head over to SlashControl to see Cherry 2000 in all it's B-movie glory...
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