One month after brother Corin Redgrave died from an illness (and a year after niece Natasha Richardson), Yahoo reports that actress Lynn Redgrave has passed away at the age of 67. Currently, there is no word on the cause, although it is noted that Redgrave was treated for breast cancer in 2003.

Although she often fell under the shadow of older sister Vanessa, Lynn Redgrave had her share of acting triumphs. A veteran of Broadway, television, and cinema, the actress took roles in almost 100 screen projects, from which she earned two Oscar nominations. The first was for her starring role in the 1966 film Georgy Girl, which made her "a 1960s sensation," and then for her excellent supporting turn in Bill Condon's Gods and Monsters in 1998. Like her siblings, Redgrave took on a myriad of Shakespearian roles, but she was also known for her small-screen work, from Centennial to Rude Awakening.

In recent years, Lynn Redgrave took part in a number of mainstream feature roles that included everything from the easy-to-forget Confessions of a Shopaholic to dramas like David Cronenberg's Spider. But one of her most noteworthy recent stints saw her playing Alfred Kinsey's Final Interview Subject in another Condon film, Kinsey. Only on screen for a brief time, her portrayal of a woman who found the strength to be herself through the doctor's work was powerful and memorable.

She will be missed.
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