Fans of the 'X-Men' have been waiting for any news on the latest installment in the hugely-popular film series. Here is what we know so far: Fox is going forward with 'X-Men: First Class,' a prequel/possible reboot that stars Cyclops, Jean Grey and the rest of Professor Xavier's mutant trainees back when they were teenage students. Bryan Singer, director of 'X-Men' and 'X2,' is back on board to produce. And today's news reveals an interesting possible addition to the creative team.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fox has offered the directing reigns of 'First Class' to Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn is a good choice, having just released the mega-hyped teenage comic book-movie 'Kick-Ass.' But what makes the move so interesting, is that this is the second time that Vaughn has been offered an 'X' film.
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