As we close out the first third of the year where studios hope for a surprise hit, we also close out a scattered dumping ground of rehashed product and the quote whores eager to continue offering praise to even the worst offerings of the season. For the uninitiated, the whores usually are the ones attaching their names to quotes at junkets after they have been flown, fed, sheltered and put in a room with a celebrity. Not all of these journalists qualify as easy lays ... just the loudest ones.

So here we are on the verge of the summer movie season where studios have a lot more invested in their product. Good reviews from respected critics would be preferred, but they usually need time to formalize their thoughts into an actual review after being shown the film a few days before opening. In the meantime, the studios will show these movies to the hos and begin building a buzz through a group of the most unreliable and untrustworthy opinion-makers out there. And they are using them to sell you a ticket. Well, that's why we have consumer guides don't we? And I think it is only fair to warn the average moviegoer what they might be getting into if the studio marketing gurus continue to insist on using these folks as the first resort instead of the last.

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