And the year-early, never-wavering, nostalgia-fueled Tron Legacy marketing continues! Observe the vehicle above, briefly glimpsed at in the trailers, and enter nerd mode for a moment. Dream of seeing it race through a largely CGI computer world in IMAX 3D and feel your synapses explode in a way that they've never exploded before! What wonders will this motor vehicle purvey? Is it a companion to the lightcycles? Is it the personal mode of transport for our hero? Will we see Jeff Bridges behind the wheel? When will the toy version be available so you can put a Tron Car on your bookshelf, wedged between your stack of Grant Morrison and your Planet of the Apes DVD boxset?

Yeah, it's a slow news day. It is a pretty cool image though, even if it's not too different from what we've seen before. Head on over to Yahoo to see the full pic.
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