With the exceptions of the comments left on articles, comments from colleagues, and occasionally, weekend box office receipts, I spend the majority of my time blissfully unaware that people don't share the same feelings as I do about movies. I don't mean to suggest that my feelings are correct; I'm merely observing that I'm surprised when people respond in a particularly strong way to a film, either when it's released or some time after the fact. On my Iron Man 2 review, for example, there was a preponderance of comments from readers in which they dismantled The Dark Knight, a film which to my knowledge was almost universally beloved.

But there was also an outpouring of hostility when, in that same review, I championed Sherlock Holmes, a movie which I regarded as, well, if no great work of art, at least as really entertaining and fun. Upon second glance, however – which was afforded me thanks to the recent release of the film on Blu-ray by distributor Warner Brothers – I feel compelled to argue the artistic merits of at least one scene, even if it may have served as an interruption to the rest of the fun and entertainment.
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