I first saw District 9 at a screening that included an hour long Q&A with director Neill Blomkamp and star Sharlto Copley. It's been a while since that night, but I'm pretty sure the first question from the audience was "When are we going to see District 10?" Though they admitted they'd be interested in returning to this world, their answer was incredibly hesitant; mainly because the film hadn't opened in theaters yet and the duo had no idea how popular it was going to become. Well, now that enough time has passed to prove D9 as both a fan and a commercial success, we have to ask once again, "When are we going to see District 10?"

Well, Empire recently asked Copley just that, "Neil wants it and I want it. Neil's doing another film first. Then I think if everything goes according to plan we'll do the second film in about two years time. That story can go in so many different ways. There¹s a whole universe. I'm sure a lot of writers say that, but we actually have an entire universe."

So now we know we have, at minimum, a two-year window before we see Wikus and the prawns again. The context in which we will be seeing them, however, is still up in the air. Copley continued to tell Empire that they haven't decided if a second D9 film would be a sequel or a prequel. And as much as I now trust Blomkamp and Copley to deliver the goods, given how D9 capped things off, I'd actually be kind of bummed if it was anything other than a sequel. They didn't just create a world worth returning to, they created a story worth returning to; a prequel wouldn't be nearly as rewarding to the fans, I think.
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