There are three very different flicks being discussed in this week's movie clubs:

Inspired by news that Masters of the Universe is getting a new movie, Mike Moody watched Dolph Lundgren try to be He-Man over at SciFi Squad and wrote: "The performances range from overcooked to mind numbingly dull," in a film that takes place mainly on Earth instead of Eternia, "It was also clear that Goddard had little to no interest in making a Masters of the Universe movie."

At Horror Squad, Brad McHargue dug into the gore flick Frontière(s), noting: "As I mentioned in the initial post, many detractors of the film consider it to be to akin to torture porn, as the film does manage to call to mind the reviled pseudo-sub genre. ... Frontière(s), however, manages to employ an interesting, albeit slightly contrived, story with genuinely interesting and unique characters that possess more depth than anything Eli Roth could ever write."

Finally, director Rian Johnson picked this week's Cinematical pick, Paper Moon. I noted the similarities between star and character: "Paper Moon offers a prime example of defying circumstances and coming out strong. Where Tatum's childhood woe is still on-going, her 9-year-old Addie is strong and unstoppable."

Stay tuned tonight for Johnson's answers to your questions about previous pick, The Brothers Bloom, and shortly for his Top Five and comments on Paper Moon. Come Friday, the Squads will be buzzing with new Club picks, and I'll dig into Juno.
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