First of all I need to say very loudly and clearly that I love my mom and I would never want to trade her in for anyone else. And I am not just saying that because she sometimes reads Cinematical. However, I know I'm not the only person who has watched a mom do something especially wonderful in movies and wish for a split-second that my own mother would do that. I'm not, right?

So just in time for Mother's Day this weekend (psst: have you sent a card yet?), here's a list of seven female characters I've enjoyed watching in movies, whom I've wished very briefly and in a non-serious way were my mom. Some of them are not actually mothers, but are in charge of a child in some admirable way. I can recall plenty of other parent characters I've liked watching, but that isn't the same as wanting them in charge of your childhood self. No matter who plays her, Mama Rose in Gypsy is too scary a mother for my liking, and we won't even talk about Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate.
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