If you've watched enough films, I really don't understand why anyone would do any drugs ever. Ever! Trainspotting? Altered States? These are definitely some 'drugs are bad' movies. Why, in the name of all that's holy, would anyone ever do heroin after seeing Requiem for Dream? (Then again, if I believed everything I saw in the movies, I'd never leave the house.) Thus, drug freak outs are one of my favorite sub genres, Blue Sunshine being a particularly wacky one. In Contact, indie filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp puts his spin on the genre.

Starring Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Contact features a young woman and her lover take a strange, mystical drug -- and the trip leads them down a road fraught with psychological terror, gore, mayhem and madness...

Sounds like your average Tuesday around HorrorSquad.

Shot in black and white, it's an arty, spacey approach. Kipp chooses to tell the story with pictures rather than words, cloaking the whole thing in a shroud of dread. The silence in some parts is unsettling and the minimalist approach to the story telling adds to the mystery of what's happening. While the horror element in it is brief, its enough to make David Cronenberg proud. I'm not terribly sure where Kipp was going with the ending, but it leaves it open for discussion.

Kipp's no fledgling filmmaker, either. While you might not have heard of him, he's worked with quite a few guys you certainly have heard of, like Larry Fessenden and the one and only Tall Man, Angus Scrimm.

Check out the NSFW short here.
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