Iron Man 2'Iron Man 2,' the high-energy sequel to last summer's blockbuster, comes out May 7, and we've got the scoop from two of the film's biggest stars, Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow).

Moviefone's Jenna Busch sat down with the 'Iron Man 2' heroes to talk about their tricky superhero costumes, their characters' complex comic-book storylines and the future of the 'Iron Man' franchise.

While Downey said his costume got lighter and easier to wear than it was in the first movie, Johansson celebrated not having to wear hers again for a long while ... unless of course, fans want her back for another movie.

"I hope the fans like this interpretation of the character -- my interpretation of the character -- enough for me to be able to carry that torch as far as it can go," Johannson said of Black Widow's appearance in another 'Iron Man' movie. "I'd be happy to don the catsuit again if it's required of me."