At long last, Steven Spielberg's movies are starting to make their way onto Blu-ray; since 2008, I think the most-prominent one that's been available is the one which, quite frankly, fans least want (yup, Crystal Skull), although Close Encounters debuted (in a delightful set, no less) slightly before the format found its commercial footing. That said, of course, the majority of the heavy hitters from his filmography have yet to arrive home in high definition, including E.T., Jaws, the first three Indiana Jones movies, and of course, Amistad (just kidding about that last one). But the good folks at Paramount are testing the waters with solid choices like Saving Private Ryan, a movie that screams out for the format's clarity, and more recently, Minority Report, whose visual effects and action can only benefit from being presented in high-definition.

As such, this week's choice in Minority Report. I originally planned to write up the film as part of my "Shelf Life" series, but after watching it, the release seemed more suitable for this article series, especially since I was only kind of lukewarm on the movie this time around, which didn't seem to make for a memorable deconstruction of its merits.
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