This economy is hard on everyone, even pirates. Despite three wildly successful films, a glut of merchandise, and a Johnny Depp-driven boost to Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is having to trim its budget. According to The LA Times, Rich Ross, Disney's new executive, is forcing Jerry Bruckheimer to rein in his excessive effects. Bruckheimer, Rob Marshall, and writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are now scrambling to rework and trim down the film to meet Ross' budget specifications. They're going line by line through the script, deciding what can stay, what can go, and what can be altered.

From the outside, this seems to be good sense. Hey guys, rein yourselves in! Movies aren't all about explosions and CGI. But Ross may just be teetering on the ridiculous since one of the new rules is that Jack Sparrow has to spend more time on land, because shooting at sea is really expensive. Call me crazy, but when filming a movie based around a water ride, about characters who make their living by pillaging the seven seas, the first thing you might want to allow in the budget is the Black Pearl itself.

Even the locations appear to be dictating the script. As I suspected from the filming locations, Sparrow will be running around London in POTC 4, but it may be less to do with the story, and more to do with tax credits. Disney eschewed filming in the Caribbean this time, and will be filming in Hawaii and London for budgetary reasons.

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