In honor of today being Star Wars day, I present the VHS case for an animated 3D movie called Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985). What does Starchaser have to do with Star Wars? Well - at least according to this November 22, 1985 New York Times review (registration required) - the film "is such a brazen rip-off of George Lucas's ''Star Wars' that you might think lawyers would have been called in."

The film's tagline (The Search For The Force Is Over... The Adventure Is About To Begin) and the Han/Leia characters shown above don't do much to help anyone who would want to make a not-a-Star-Wars-rip-off argument, though I'll note that the lead character looks way too masculine to be a pseudo-Luke.

Click through for the full VHS cover and the film's trailer. See how many direct Star Wars references you can spot!
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