The teaser trailer for the film Super 8 will be attached to prints of Iron Man 2this weekend. Excited? You've been waiting for this moment for over a year, after hearing about the film's announcement via the trades, through casting update after casting update reported on all the movie blogs, then after getting glimpses of ... wait, no, you've experienced none of that. Somehow Super 8 is a complete mystery to even those geeks who scour each and every site for info on every film at any stage of development and production. How is this possible? It's a J.J. Abrams production, that's how. Just as you'd never heard of Cloverfieldbefore seeing its teaser ahead of Transformers, this latest Bad Robot film has been a secret up until now.

Well, maybe it's not entirely the first time you've heard of this. According to HitFix, Super 8 is rumored to actually be the Cloverfield sequel we've been waiting on for two years. Abrams revealed back in January that Cloverfield 2 was finally in some early stages of development, and its IMDb page currently lists it as a 2011 release. If you recall, one idea for a sequel was to have it set during the same night as the first film but from the perspective of another, unrelated character. So if Super 8 is indeed the real title, perhaps it refers to another document of the Cloverfield Monster attack, this one shot on a Super 8 camera. Does that mean the protagonist will be some artsy experimental filmmaker sill working with 8mm stock?