Back at the end of March, we ran a story about some movement on a potential sequel to Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. Today it's been confirmed -- The Jim Henson Company is teaming up with Omnilab Media to make Power of the Dark Crystal.

We've heard rumors of a follow-up to Henson and Frank Oz's cult hit for years, and it seemed like it was going to come to fruition back in 2005-2006, but that earlier version fell through. Undaunted, the company is ready to take another crack at it, this time with brothers Peter and Michael Spierig set to direct. The duo previously worked on the futuristic vampire film Daybreakers. The film will be based on a script from Moulin Rouge scribe Craig Pearce, crafted from an original version by Annette Duffy and David Odell.

According to the press release, Power of the Dark Crystal is set hundreds of years after the original film. The land has once again gone dark. A girl made of fire and a Gelfling outcast steal a piece of the crystal with the hope of reigniting the sun.

The project is set to be filmed in 3D and shot entirely in Australia. The Spierigs promise to utilize technology both new and old in order to create a compelling setting for their film: "This is a chance to take the world of puppetry into the modern age by using modern techniques (like motion capture CGI) and the tried and true methods (like puppetry and animatronics) to create a one hundred percent real world that is unique to The Dark Crystal."

While there's no official start date announced, it seems as though all the pieces are in place to get this film rolling soon. I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation when it comes to this project, but I'm hoping for the best.