I feel like I always begin the Geek Beat with a caveat -- take it as proof of my poor self-esteem -- but when you pen an unwieldy feature like this, you know people will at least read the first sentences. So, I take the chance to immediately temper my topic. As this week is about Jonah Hex, I feel it necessary to remind you all that I feel as silly theorizing about an as-yet-unseen film as you may reading it. But considering it's the freshest geek item out there, I feel compelled to write about it.

By now, you've probably watched the Jonah Hex trailer and you've formed some very strong feelings about it. Judging from the reactions I've seen all over this wide open Internet, they were probably negative ones. Hey, geekdom wouldn't be geekdom if you weren't furious that Jonah Hex wasn't branded by an Apache tomahawk. These little details are sacred to fandom, and I'm as baffled as anyone why studios choose to blow off classic origin stories. (Why, I've even written about that very topic before!) And yes, when people asked me what I thought a Jonah Hex movie should look like, I always said the same thing as every fan did: "It should look just like Sergio Leone, or High Plains Drifter."
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