We all knew Bill Murray was a talented guy -- comic, actor, amateur golfer -- but now we can add one more skill to the list of areas where he excels: poetry reader. Yes, there is indeed video footage of the actor reading selected poems to a group of construction workers.

The video was recorded last spring, when Murray was at the lower Manhattan construction site for Poet's House. While the workers were on a break, Murray rounded them up and read a series of poems to them while interjecting his own commentary during the readings. It's typical Murray, complete with deadpan sarcasm, hilarious facial expressions and even an uncomfortable silence. The juxtaposition of Murray reading Emily Dickinson (he describes her poem as a "corny one") to a group of guys in hardhats is funny all by itself, but the reactions and Murray's performance make it nearly sublime.

Poet's House, located in Battery Park City, opened its new home in September of last year. I've heard people who write things hang out there sometimes. The place also boasts a 50,000 volume poetry collection, making it one the largest open-access collections in the country. Neat!

If you're ever in Battery Park City, be sure to swing by Poet's House. If you can't make it, hit the jump and watch Bill Murray bring some of the written word to life for you.

[thanks to We Who Are About To Die for the link]