Two years may have passed since Iron Man first moved from the printed page to the silver screen, but in the new movie, only six months have passed. This small detail is but one of the many things in Iron Man 2 that audiences may not know, remember, or be aware of as they enter the highly-anticipated sequel. As such, and assisted by the cast and crew of the film, whom we spoke to at a press conference last week in Beverly Hills, Calif., Cinematical has thoughtfully assembled a list of instructions for the use and hopeful enjoyment of Iron Man 2.

1. Make sure you know exactly where – and when – to start putting this story together.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige demurred to Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau when asked where the film fits in the timeline of other Marvel movies."I think Jon has already revealed on his Twitter that Iron Man 2 takes place after or slightly concurrently with The Incredible Hulk," Feige said.